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Uncovering the Hope beneath what you may be going through right now is a process. If you’ve landed on this page, you’re already on the first step of the reveal. Enter your email address below to begin to learn to create a safe space to understand and learn about how trauma and shame has led to a feeling of unworthiness and loss of hope.  Let’s find your way to connect more deeply with yourself and others and find your way home with the Uncover The Hope 5 step guide. 


Uncover the Hope Project

Ask JoAnn About Childhood Obesity Prevention, Bullying Within and Outside the Home, or Child Trauma Prevention to be potentially answered in the #UncoverTheHope podcast & through my Stories blog

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Uncover the Hope 5 Step Guide will share with you five steps you can take right now to create safe and healthy spaces for you and your child.

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My Story

Where there is life there is hope.


Hopelessness is the real cause of failure.

— Dali Lama


A Life of Service

My latest project is serving as a strategy advisor and program evaluator for the Stop the Silence® and MYRIVR: Toward Child Sexual Abuse Comprehensive Child Sexual Abuse Training, Prevention, Mitigation, and Care in New Zealand

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