Whole School Health: One Person at a Time

Creating a Strength-Based Culture of Health, Resilience, and Safety in Schools


Present --A Daily Challenge

Our Present Daily Challenge, are small actions that will lead to big changes. Each day members of your school communities will be emailed a Present Daily Challenge and easy-to-follow instructions on how to do it. After completing the challenge, they will have the opportunity to share how they did with the Present Daily Challenge community, and give and get support everyday.

Our Present Daily Challenge, helps school communities make small improvements in their physical and emotional health, connect to a community, incorporate well-being into their work, and foster new goals. Each Present Daily Challenge, helps employees with everything from stress management to sleeping better to smart eating and all-levels physical activity.

We meet your school communities where they are.


Our Healthiest Weight

Our Healthiest Weight is an innovative curriculum, and is geared toward helping school communities get to their healhtiest weight. Our healthiest weight is when we meet theese five criteria: 1) We sleep well 2) We move the way we want to 3) We feel connected to others 4) We are not at risk for diabetes, hypertension, or metabolic problems and 5) We feel loved and can love others. The six month Our Healthiest Weight program can be delivered within our Present Daily Challenge. School Communities receive one easy healthy action they can try each day. They can start together and receive the same challenges together. Monthly lunch time webinars by on health topics chosen by the school community will be scheduled and recorded.


Resilient and Hopeful School Communities

How can school communities build their resilience and hope in the workplace? We have developed a variety of effective strategies that reduce vulnerability and susceptibility to stress, increase feelings of connectedness, and help school communities create realistic goals they can achieve.

We also help school comunities develop and nurture skills for reducing the impact that adversity in the workplace has on them. Our Present challenge can include our innovative curriculum that will help school communities learn to practice mindfulness, and develop mental agility. School communities will learn that resilience and hopw are things we can leanr and practice daily. Our curriculum covers: positivity, emotional insight, balance, spirituality, and reflection.