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Uncovering the Hope beneath what we may be going through right now is a process. If you’ve landed on this page, you’re already on the first step. Here we will learn how to understand our relationship to hope, how hope helps us create safe spaces to understand how trauma and shame has led to a feeling of unworthiness and sometimes a loss of hope. Begin to find your way to connect more deeply with yourself—to take a turn towards home—with the Uncover The Hope 5 step guide. 


Uncover the Hope Project

Do you have questions about about how to instill hope in your child? Or about how to talk with your child about gaining too much weight too fast? Or how to help your child if they are being bullied? Or how to protect your child from sexual abuse? I will answer your questions in the #UncoverTheHope newsletter and through my Stories blog. Ask JoAnn


Hopelessness is the real cause of failure.

— Dali Lama


A Life of Service

My latest project is serving as a strategy advisor and program evaluator for the Stop the Silence® and MYRIVR: Toward Child Sexual Abuse Comprehensive Child Sexual Abuse Training, Prevention, Mitigation, and Care in New Zealand