My Services

I help organizations identify their strengths, stay focused, and develop compassionate practices as they work to demonstrate their impact.

I am dedicated to working with organizations that are interested in learning to lead with love to change hearts and minds and are aligned with my values that promote justice, peace and equanimity in our communities.

I care deeply about helping communities create compassionate peaceful, productive, and just environments for children.

Many non-profits that are working on social justice issues such as childhood obesity, child sexual abuse, and climate change, struggle to navigate these effects of structural violence in a compassionate and productive way that is both meaningful and impactful. Story-telling with data is one way to show your impact, reinforce your brand and mission, and provide real giving opportunities to funders and supporters.

Need Help With A Big PROJECT? LET’S TALK! Each year I work as an adviser, consultant, and coach with a select number of organizations that promote justice, peace and equanimity in our communities. During my time with them, we work together to develop evidence-based stories that show meaningful impact and demonstrate a benefit to the communities they are serving.

(Banner Image: Nancy, Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Resident & Office Assistant)

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What Do I Do Exactly?

  • Coaching on storytelling with data to show sustainable impact

  • Provide compassionate coaching and mentoring for organizations and individuals

  • Evaluate health programs

  • Provide Interim leadership during organizational transitions

  • Speak and present on current trends in childhood obesity and child sexual abuse prevention, treatment, and mitigation best practices

  • Advise on fundraising strategies to support innovative social enterprises that support children’s health.

Podcast And Partnerships