The Future for Childhood Obesity Treatment Research Looks Promising

I just came across a great commentary by Leonard Epstein and Brian Wrotniak entitled: “Future Directions for Pediatric Obesity Treatment,” which was published in Obesity in February 2010. Epstein and Wrotniak are optimistic about the latest childhood obesity treatment research. They shine a light on future paths that look most promising to help children affected by the epidemic. They cover a wide range of research, but here are just a few I found interesting:

  • The behavioral sciences are pulling their weight by applying basic science to clinical interventions. Interestingly the research is showing “people may be more motivated to avoid losing something they have then (sic) in obtaining something new.” (Leonard and Wrotniak, 2010). So incentives to lose weight may not be the most effective way to motivate children. 
  • They give major praise to the social scientist who discovered that our friends and families influence whether we ourselves are overweight or obese. 
  • Some researchers are looking to see if there are combinations of interventions that work to prevent and treat childhood obesity.