Good News from NIH!

Some good news to report from NIH (NIDDK). A few years ago many organizations began piloting childhood obesity interventions to help stop the spread of the epidemic. Many of these pilot studies are now publishing the results. Soon a number of best practices will be available to communities to effectively help our children lead healthier lives. Here is one study that NIH (NIDKK) just recently published about a three year intervention that intended to lower obesity rates in middle school age youth at risk for diabetes. The goal of the intervention was to learn if changes in the school environment such as food offerings, more play time, and classroom lessons could lower children's risk for type 2 diabetes. It worked! And it lowered children's BMI as well!

Here some highlights of the intervention:

  • Schools gave children healthier food choices in cafeterias, classrooms and vending machines;
  • Children got to play hard for longer periods of time; and
  • Teachers taught children how to make healthier choices.

Learn more about the study at and at the HEALTHY Study website