Child Sexual Abuse and the Link to Obesity

Returning from my summer break, I dove deep into a sad topic - the link between child sexual abuse and obesity. My friend Candace and I tried to tackle the subject for the Obesity Action Coalition's online magazine, 'Your Weight Matters.' What we found was that extremely obese children who are not responding to interventions should be screened for child sexual abuse. We were dismayed to learn that many pediatricians have reported inadequate training and lack of comprehensive tools to effectively care for obese children, and the reports are similar regarding child sexual abuse. We need to raise clinicians' awareness of the link between obesity and child sexual abuse so that they can respond and care most effectively for these children. And yes, a history of child sexual abuse further complicates the already complex issue of childhood obesity. However, it is important to remember that both are treatable under the care of informed and trained professionals. You can read our article in the next issue of 'Your Weight Matters.' Here is the link: