Autism and Obesity: Findings from a New Study

A study published today in Pediatrics says the mothers who are obese are much more likely to have a child with autism and other developmental disabilities. This study takes us along a new path of research that will finally put the link between autism and vaccinations to rest. However, it is important to note that the study author from UC Davis, Irva Hertz-Picciottosay has been quoted as saying that "It's hard to say if they are lined, it might be there's some environmental factor that contributes to both the obesity epidemic and the rise in autism cases. Or it cold be the increase in obesity is, in fact, contributing to the increase in autism. But it's certainly not going to account for all of it." (ABC News Blog)

Hetz-Picciotto studied over 1,000 children aged two to five years old. Some of the children had autism and some did not. She found that obese mothers compared to healthy weight mothers had a 60% increase in the likelihood of having a child with autism. She also found that the risk for having a child with some other type of developmental disability was doubled.